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The Erstes Gewächs of Posts

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

How does one name their first post on their first site? Funny you ask, my hypothetical reader. I was going to go with "Premier Cru of Posts" as it means "First Growth", and I think it fits the bill...but since German Rieslings are my favorite still wines, I figured I'd go with that iteration, which is Erstes Gewächs. See, one paragraph in and you're learning the advanced stuff and how I overanalyze everything.

My name is Zach Cherry, I'm a "wine guy", in the way that I've been deeply entrenched in the booze biz for 15 years at the time of this post. I've cleaned tap lines, bused/served tables, swept cigarettes butts in liquor store parking lots, filled beer coolers, stocked shelves, threw cases, worked in distribution as a sales rep, imported shipments, went back to brick & mortar stores and currently run one of the largest wine programs in the Midwest. And I drink a lot of wine. That's probably more important than all that other stuff.

I also write a weekly wine newsletter for a large retailer, but I wanted to do something more personal, for things I think can make a difference. I just wanted to rant about wine and help with a cause I believe in. I've been planning a big charity wine tasting event for months and am finally taking the first steps.

Both our family's dogs are rescues, from incredibly bad situations (but now in a good one!), and everyone has been very positively impacted by the whole process. After talking to a few friends who are on the side actual rescue of things, the costs of medical alone are astounding and everything is way underfunded for pretty much every service. As a retail wine guy, I'm not exactly rolling in dough, but I've always been good at setting up events and I know a lot of great people...time to try this out.

So I got this website and it's kind of an event-announcement-and-blog site all in one. I don't know if that hybrid flies, but I'm going to tie it to a string and see where the wind takes it.

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